Friday, December 07, 2007


Tantra's Lia above and Tantra's Lui below, at 9 weeks. Named after Lia Kushner Nord and her husband , Lui whom we met in August in Germany and will be visiting again this Xmas. Lia is on the Socknitters list.

Lia 's picture was very hard to get as she did not want it taken. Lia like nothing better than to beat up her brothers.

Lui asks to go out and then asks to come in. When he comes in he rushes straight back to his pen even though he is allowed to stay out and play. He took to the lad right off and walks well where as Lia made a song and dance of it and took 3 days to walk. She must have read my mind cos I was thinking 'if this bitch doesn't walk....' and suddenly off she trotted, showing herself off to all and sundry even though the street was deserted. she stops dead to stare at cars that move by as she seems to think they have a nerve being anywhere near her. If she could make the cars wither with her look, she would.