Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is Nechung. She was 12 years old on the 6th of this month, 10 days before me, though I won't be 12.
She is the mother of Micah and grandmother of Shameless and great grandmother to Carly, Bridget and James.

I have sensed that something is not right with her so I took her to the vet. My fears were confirmed. She has cancer. She has two tumours in her breasts and possibly one on her shoulder and possibly higher up inside her ribcage. Surgery could remove the small ones in her breasts. I have elected not to operate. I think it is far kinder to leave her be and judge the right time to let her go. She is fine now. She still gets excited about food time. She doesn't cry or yelp when touched. She is happy within herself. I am sure it will become obvious when she is no longer fine.

Nechung is John's favourite. She sleeps on the bed every night though that is becoming a problem because she isn't so good at getting down the stairs and whilst I carry her, it is dangerous for me as I can't manage the stairs that well either, especially when I have first woken. I can't bring myself to leave her downstairs though. John doesn't know this news yet.

Nechung came to me from France, 6 years ago, to introduce fresh genes into the Lhasa Apso population here. Her children were bred with the children of our other import form Denmark and all those genes are in Bridget and Carly and James.