Sunday, March 01, 2009

puppies 8 weeks

MR AND MR WEST (legally married) the new carers of Phoebe.
CLAIRE - the new carer of Dexy.
DUDLEY-waiting for a new home

Yes, Daniel has also gone, and is now called Paddy. I am not keeping Dudley so he is not James any more and Peter is now James and Bridget is now Little Dorrit.


Oli said...

Beautiful puppies! What a gorgeous face Dudley has! We fell in love with him! Is he still looking for a home?

(Jst)Verna said...

Oh such precious bundles of joy! I lost my 2 Lhasas within 6 months due to illness. I'm still crying over the loss. There is something special about this breed that I am totally in love with. 6 months after losing my Lhasas, my husband passed away to further my loss. Now I am no longer able to purchase a fur baby but totally enjoy every word you post about them as it brings so much joy to me.Thank you for sharing your sweet experiences with them.